Why is hydration so important?

Water in the human body is present in all cells. It is necessary for life, and performs many important functions. Inadequate fluid intake can lead to dehydration and fluid and electrolyte imbalance. Lost fluids need to be replenished to ensure normal functioning of the body and avoid health complications. In no case should this be underestimated, it is necessary to maintain the water balance of the body.

Why is hydration so important?

An important component of the body is water. Why is water so important, and why should we provide our body with the right amount of fluid?

Human beings are approximately 70% water and it is not surprising that proper hydration of the body is so necessary for its proper functioning. It is present in the blood and lymph, where it helps deliver nutrients and oxygen to every cell in the body.

Note! Water is responsible for the proper absorption of food ingredients in the digestive system, removes toxins from the urinary system and regulates the body’s thermoregulation processes. All this makes it possible to keep the body healthy if every day takes care of proper hydration of the body. Improper hydration of the body can lead to various disorders.

Drinking enough fluids supports healthy blood pressure. On the other hand, dehydration can cause low blood pressure and heart palpitations. To avoid these problems, remember to properly moisturize yourself.

Adequate hydration keeps the kidneys and liver in good condition – the organs responsible for removing toxins, helps to get rid of impurities and substances that are no longer needed by the body, which prevents diseases such as kidney stones.

Water will also have an impact on the metabolism and cleansing of the body. It is especially important to drink plenty of it in the case of a diet rich in fiber – otherwise problems may arise in the form of constipation, bloating or abdominal pain.

Water will affect the metabolism and cleansing of the body

Liquid facilitates digestion and bowel movements. Poor hydration slows down the digestion process and therefore leads to constipation.

Brain function improves if you drink enough water. This allows you to be mentally active. The brain works faster, memory sharpens and mood improves. Dehydration reduces cognition, attention, memory, and the ability to concentrate.

Water also regulates the temperature of the human body, affecting the secretion of sweat, removes metabolic by-products from the body. Through the skin and urine we get rid of toxins. Without proper water levels in the body, our metabolism slows down and energy levels drop. When the body heats up, water regulates body temperature through the mechanisms of sweating.

Hydration is also important for muscles. Thanks to this, they can remain flexible and provide the correct movement mechanics. Dehydration can cause back pain. This is because it consists of intervertebral discs, i.e. sebaceous substances, the most important component of which is water. So, if there is not enough water in the body, the discs weaken and lose their ability to regenerate.

Dry, irritated epidermis is more prone to irritation and ages faster. How much water you drink per day – all this is reflected in the appearance of our skin. The first step to restore the proper level of skin hydration is to consume a minimum. 2 liters of water per day. If the body is moisturized from the inside, then you can notice a big difference on the skin after about 2 weeks.

Symptoms of dehydration

The first sign of dehydration is thirst, which prompts you to drink a glass of water. Symptoms of dehydration are visible in well-being and performance.

Signs of dehydration:

  • severe thirst or dry mouth;
  • infrequent urination or dark-colored urine;
  • headaches or dizziness;
  • dry skin;
  • drowsiness or extreme tiredness;
  • overheating of the body;
  • constipation.

Most often they are manifested by drowsiness and constant fatigue. dryness of the oral mucosa. Very often dehydrated people feel hungry rather than thirsty. Maintaining water balance can reduce appetite. Dizziness, headaches, and general irritability may also occur. Another sign is a small amount of urine or its dark yellow color.

Important! Dehydration can be really dangerous. This is a serious condition, especially dangerous for children and the elderly. It is most often associated with hot weather, but water loss can also occur in winter or as a result of various diseases.

If the lost fluid is not replenished, then there is an increase in heart rate, decreased sweating, fever and loss of skin elasticity. At a later stage, there may be a dangerous drop in blood pressure, loss of consciousness, and even convulsions.

How to moisturize the body?

The need for water depends on several factors: weight, age, gender, or activities performed during the day. Drinking large amounts of liquid at one time is not an effective form. The body does not store water, so this tactic can only load it. It is effective to drink small amounts of liquid regularly.

You can carry a bottle of water with you

To remember this, you can carry a bottle of water with you, or put it in a prominent place. Moisture can be replenished with various drinks: tea, natural juices are also suitable. Fruits and vegetables will also help hydrate.

Additional Information! The fight against insufficiently hydrated skin is not the easiest. It is possible that the solution to a skin problem can be solved simply with proper nutrition. Water first. If we do not provide the skin with the necessary amount of water, it will begin to peel off and wrinkles will appear over time.

About 20% of the water we supply to our bodies comes from food. About 85% of it is cucumbers, celery, beets and carrots. Therefore, it is very important to include these vegetables in our daily diet. Insufficient water content in the dishes from the daily menu leads to dry skin.

Green tea tastes great and has a great effect on our body: it cleanses and tones the skin, has rejuvenating and moisturizing properties.

Tasty and healthy water

Berries contain many antioxidants, thanks to which the skin becomes elastic and smooth. They have excellent moisturizing and anti-aging effect.

Water with citrus

Drinking water can be made tastier. Water with citrus will change the taste for the better. Lemon water is a very easy-to-make nutrient-dense drink.

Drinking water with citrus

Drink water with lemon on an empty stomach, immediately after waking up. This will moisturize the body after a night, support digestion and increase the production of gastric juice. Lemon juice is useful for flatulence and constipation. It’s also a great way to provide yourself with energy.

Water with citrus fruits is worth drinking not only in the morning. Drinking water with citrus fruits is especially recommended for people who regularly exercise or watch their diet.

Water with cucumber – the drink not only perfectly moisturizes the body, but also allows you to provide it with many vitamins, has a deoxidizing effect. Adding vegetables that contain a lot of fiber to the water allows you to cleanse the body of toxins and improve digestion.

2 liters of water per day is enough for the normal functioning of the body. Eating too much can cause other health problems.

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