What to see in Venice, the city of carnivals, water and romance

Venice is one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world. This city is a living monument of medieval architecture and art, and its museums are famous throughout the world.

The most romantic city in the world is Venice

Just one day in Venice. Attractions. Description

Of course, you can just wander around the city, ride the legendary gondola, sit at a café table in St. Mark’s Square, but it’s better to make a plan in advance for what to see in Venice, focusing on the time you plan to spend in this fabulous city on the islands .

It often happens that travelers drop into Venice literally “on the run,” and at the same time they want to see and learn as many interesting things as possible.

If you need to decide what to see in Venice in 1 day, then it is better not to waste time visiting museums, but to spend the day outside: soak up the unique atmosphere of the city, admire the canals and ancient buildings, and look at the faces of the Venetians.
Of course, you should start with St. Mark’s Square and its immediate surroundings. There is a huge number of city attractions here, the main one of which is St. Mark’s Cathedral. You can climb the bell tower (after standing in a fairly long line) and look at the city from a bird’s eye view.
It is also home to the Doge’s Palace, the Zecca Mint, the Correr Museum and the historic Café Campanile.

Note! If you want to have a cup of coffee in St. Mark’s Square, keep in mind that the prices here cannot be called affordable! The cost of a standard cappuccino can exceed 50 euros. The most famous Venetian bridges are also located near San Marco: the Rialto Bridge and the Bridge of Sighs, along which convicts once passed to the place of execution and sighed heavily, taking a last look at the beautiful city.

Venice canals

There are no cars in Venice. Here, instead of pavements, there is a surface of water, and people move around on boats, boats, and ferries. And if you are suddenly at a loss and don’t know what to see in Venice, the advice of experienced tourists is to take a trip along the Grand Canal. Along it are located the most beautiful Venetian palazzos and wonderful buildings. Rest assured, you are guaranteed an unforgettable experience!

Venice canals

Interesting! It’s also worth taking a gondola ride. The townspeople no longer use these boats as transport; they have become an attraction for tourists. Almost all gondoliers speak English, and you will have a fascinating excursion through the watery streets of Venice.

If a gondola ride is too expensive for you, then you can just take a ferry ride. Passengers are ferried across the Grand Canal on boats that look a bit like gondolas, but the crossing costs less.

What to see in Venice with children

Staying in a fairy-tale city, where boats float along the streets instead of cars, will in itself become an unforgettable adventure for any child.
You can go up to the bell tower of San Marco, feed the pigeons in the square, which, when they see the food, literally surround the tourist: they sit on their hands, head and shoulders. The photos turn out simply unique!

Note! On the central embankments you will find Venetian glass shops. Most of them have showrooms where a glass blower will create a real masterpiece right in front of you.
The product can be purchased immediately: a horse, bird or glass man will be an excellent souvenir for your child!

When planning a trip with a child, be sure to include a visit to the Ca’Macana store in your plan of what to see in Venice; reviews from tourists about this establishment are the most enthusiastic! Here you can not only buy the best Venetian souvenir – a carnival mask, but also decorate it with your own hands!

Museums of Venice

If you have the opportunity to stay longer in the city, and you are interested in the question of what to see in Venice in 5 days, then it is worth setting aside time to visit museums.
In addition to the world-famous Doge’s Palace and the Correr Museum, you can visit the Accademia Gallery, located in the building of the ancient church and adjacent monastery of Santa Maria della Carita. The most extensive collection of Venetian paintings is presented here. You will be able to see paintings by Carpaccio, Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese.

Venice Archaeological Museum

Art lovers should also look into the Ca Rezzonico Museum of Venetian Art, where paintings from the eighteenth century are collected, and the Ca Pesaro Gallery of Modern Art: there are collections of works by European, Chinese, and Japanese artists. And in the Fortuny Museum you will find a unique exhibition of theatrical costumes, masks, and ancient fabrics.

Additional Information! You can also head to the island of Murano, where the legendary Venetian glass is produced. There they will tell you about the history of glass production, you will see how glass is blown now, and you will buy unique souvenirs.

In any season

Venice Italy is beautiful at any time of the year. Various festivals and holidays are often held here; one cannot fail to mention the Venetian Carnival, which takes place during the Pancake week before Easter and is visited by at least three million people every year.
Traveling to this city at any time, you are sure to find something to see in Venice in May, June or late October. Each time Venice looks a little different, and each time it opens up differently for the inquisitive traveler. 

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