Türkiye: a country on two different continents

The country of Turkey is a tourist destination on the border of Europe and Asia, where everyone can find something for themselves. For most vacationers, Türkiye is a country of beautiful beaches and Mediterranean resorts. Beaches are the real reason to stay in Turkey. The vibrant culture, famous food and rich history also draw travelers here. History lovers can enjoy the remains of ancient civilizations (Roman ruins stretch along the western and southern coasts), walk along hundreds of mountain trails surrounded by untouched nature.

Features of Turkey

Turkey is one of the most historical countries in the world, occupying a unique geographical position, lying partly on two continents in Asia and Europe.

The European part borders on Greece and Bulgaria. The Black Sea coast of Turkey is connected with Georgia, the neighboring states in the northeast are Armenia and Azerbaijan. The south of the Asian part borders on Syria, in the southeast – on Iraq and Iran.

Surrounded on three sides by the sea, the coast of Turkey provides an opportunity to relax in the waters of the Aegean, Black and Mediterranean Seas. This is a predominantly mountainous country, the lowland is limited by coastal strips.

Additional Information! Turkey is not only beaches and pools. Attractions in Turkey are many monuments, ruins of ancient cities and interesting places that it is difficult to visit them all during your vacation. Turkey is full of captivating tourist attractions, and offers a lot of diverse recreation: ancient places with European and Asian culture, beaches, mountains, rocks.

Ankara is the capital of Turkey

Ankara, the second largest city after Istanbul, has been the capital of Turkey since 1923 and is located inland. The city is an important commercial, business and industrial center, but also rich in history, education and culture. A modern city in the central part of the Anatolian Highlands, it is of great historical importance, and offers historical museums and monuments for visiting, telling about the history of the people and Turkey as a whole.

What to visit in Ankara:

  • Museum of Anatolian Civilizations;
  • ethnographical museum;
  • Anitkabir mausoleum;
  • the largest mosque Kocatepe;
  • Ulus – the oldest district of Ankara, interesting to visit;
  • the citadel of Hissar with characteristic Ottoman wooden buildings;
  • Kyzylay square in the center of the capital;
  • Atakule – from where a panoramic view of the whole city opens;
  • Lake Eimir is a natural oasis.

Anitkabir Mausoleum is an impressive building of old and modern Turkish architecture. Anit Kabir was the first president of modern Turkey. The museum exhibits personal items, documents, Ataturk’s wax figure.

 Mausoleum AnitkabirThe Museum of Anatolian Civilizations is one of the most important museums of the history of the peoples living on this land for more than 10,000 years. Another famous museum is the Ethnological Museum, which is dedicated to the cultures of Turkish civilizations.

Historic Istanbul

Istanbul, until 1930 Constantinople or Karigra, is the largest city in Turkey and the third largest in Europe. The only city in the world located on two continents – on the border of Asia and Europe. The Bosphorus Strait, 46 km long, stretches through the city and connects the Black Sea with the Sea of Marmara, separating European Turkey from Asian.

The districts of the city, located on both sides of the Bosphorus, are connected by the Galata Bridge. Small ferries are used between the Asian and European quarters.

Sights of Istanbul

It is the cultural center of the country and the economy, and an important trade crossroads, combining east and west, tradition and modernity.

  • The main square of Istanbul – Sultanahmet Square is located in the city center. The famous monuments of the city are located in the area.
  • Hagia Sophia is one of the famous buildings in the world, as the eighth wonder of the world, which has preserved examples of Byzantine architecture. At first it was an Orthodox church, then a mosque, in 1935 it was turned into a museum.
  • Sultan Ahmet Mosque, known as the Blue Mosque due to the turquoise ceramic tiles that cover the interior of the building.
  • The Suleymaniye Mosque is not far behind the Sultan Ahmed Mosque in terms of beauty and pomp, but is not as well known.
  • Topkapı Palace, built in 1453, was the residence of Mohammed until his death, later 26 sultans of the Ottoman Empire lived here.
  • The Grand Bazaar is an indoor market that can be seen as a city within a city. This is one of the oldest markets in the world, with over 4,000 stores on 61st Street where you can buy everything.

At the southern entrance to the Bosporus is the lighthouse Kizkulesi (Maid’s Tower) built on a small island in the 5th century BC to monitor the waterway and serve as a checkpoint for the import and export of goods.

The main square of Istanbul – Sultanahmet Square

Istanbul has a distinctive nightlife. Many clubs and bars offer locals and travelers delicious meals in the evenings, followed by dance evenings.

Popular destinations in Turkey

The northern coast of Turkey is the Black Sea coast from the borders with Bulgaria to the borders with Georgia. Along the coastline of the Black Sea, 5-10 km wide, a series of plateaus and the Pontic Mountains.

The Black Sea coast of Turkey

Mountain peaks are lined with dense pine forests, and lush vegetation grows in the valleys. In spring, the hills and meadows are covered with delicate flowers. The humid climate and fertile soil make it possible to grow a variety of products.

Note! The Black Sea coast of Turkey is not well developed for tourism, it is never crowded, because it is cloudy more often than sunny, and the water in the sea is cool.

West coast of Turkey

The Aegean coast is known as the Aegean Riviera, which is located on the southwestern tip of Turkey, on the border of the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas.

The Aegean Sea is famous for its beautiful coastline. The rolling countryside is filled with fertile valleys and picturesque villages.

The archaeological sites of the country and the ruins of the ancient cities of Aphrodisias, Ephesus and Sardis are among the main attractions, along with Pergamon and Assos. Popular attractions in the region include the ruins of Ephesus and the Library of Celsus.

Pay attention ! Izmir, Bodrum, Marmaris and Kusadasi are popular historical sites.

The coast of the Aegean Sea is also a popular place for a beach holiday. The coast is covered with long kilometers of sandy beaches, original white houses. The beaches of the Aegean coast are considered among the most beautiful in the country with clear waters. They are surrounded by olive and pine groves, rocky slopes, small ports,

The famous resorts of Bodrum, Cesme, Izmir, Dalaman and others are rich in greenery in contrast to the turquoise waters of the sea. The Aegean Riviera, especially the region of Izmir, is famous for its healing thermal springs.

Bodrum is a lively resort with a rich nightlife located on the border of the Aegean and Turkish Riviera. The area attracts with famous beaches, crystal clear water, excellent cuisine. Bodrum is the perfect place for a family holiday.

The city of Izmir on the central coast of the Aegean Turkey is located in a bay that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. It is the third largest Turkish city with a European appearance and the second largest port in Turkey after Istanbul. This is a modern, lively and very fast growing business center. Popular and most visited tourist attractions include the 25-meter clock tower located at the port, in the center of the Konak district.  The seaside city of Kusadasi

Kusadasi is a seaside town on the Aegean Sea, about 90 km from the famous resort of Izmir, less than 30 km from the Dilek National Park.

Cesme is a famous and lively tourist resort, very popular with both foreign and local visitors. Beaches with fine sand and clear sea water. Vacationers: families with children, active people, lovers of water and other sports, as well as lovers of hiking.

Located on a green fertile peninsula to the west of the resort of Izmir. The small seaside town is a busy port from where cruise ships leave for the surrounding area as well as nearby Greece.

The Turkish Riviera is a region in southwestern Turkey, part of the coast of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas. Most of the resorts in Turkey are located along the southwestern and southern coasts, in the area of the city of Antalya, which is considered the capital of tourism, the more famous and more visited region in this area. The main resorts are Kemer, Antalya, Belek, Side and Alanya. Long beaches, azure sea, history, Taurus Mountains, colorful nightlife, water sports, good food are increasingly attracting tourists from all over the world.

\ Turkish Riviera

Antalya is the most famous resort on the Turkish Riviera, where there is an international airport. The city on the Mediterranean coast, surrounded by the Taurus Mountains, is located high on the rocks against the backdrop of stunning mountain scenery.

There are countless historical monuments here. Antalya is also known for its long beaches with fine golden yellow sand and crystal clear seas. All beaches have excellent conditions for swimming and in the early evening they invite you for romantic walks. You can visit Duden or Kursunlu waterfalls.

Alanya Turkey is a modern resort on the Mediterranean coast, famous for its beautiful sandy beaches, marked with a blue flag. History lovers will be able to enjoy many corners with valuable monuments from the Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman rule. The sight of Alanya is an ancient fortress rising into the sea on a protruding rock.

Side is located on a peninsula with sandy beaches on both sides, surrounded by ancient city walls. Museum and stunning Temple of Apollo, a romantic sunset spot. Temple of Apollo is still a symbol of Side. Since antiquity, the largest amphitheater in all of Anatolia has been preserved here, with a capacity of up to 20,000 spectators.

Belek is Turkey’s premier golf resort, with long golden sandy beaches set against a backdrop of mountains. Many rare species of plants and wild animals live here.

The resort town of Belek

In recent years, it has become the most sophisticated, most compact tourist resort on the Turkish Riviera, with first-class hotel complexes with impeccable service, located in pine forests, palm groves, citrus and olive groves and protected by the mighty Taurus Mountains.

The young resort is gaining interest due to the high quality golf courses that directly attract fans of this sport.

Kemer is one of the multifunctional resorts in Turkey, surrounded by a pine forest, including five-star hotels. Here is an attractive marina, Kemer. Considered by many to be one of the most beautiful resorts on the Turkish Riviera due to its pine forest, romantic beaches, bays and rugged coastline.

The Lycian Peninsula between the Aegean Sea and the Turkish Riviera. The city of Cirali has all kinds of hostels, and along the coast there is a hiking trail for long distances.

The hot springs of Pamukkale near Denizli have been in use since the 2nd century BC and are still available today. Limestone water has formed stepwise deposits and natural pools over the millennia.

National parks of Turkey

Türkiye is famous for its beautiful National Parks Kopryulu Canyon, Goreme, Nemrut Dagi.

The most popular area is the Cappadocia region and in particular the Goreme National Park. The Goreme Valley Open Air Museum is the perfect place to admire the amazing rock-cut churches. Inside are amazing frescoes.

 Goreme Park

Koprulu Canyon National Park

More than 4 m high and 100 m long, Köprülü Canyon is one of the longest canyons in Turkey, which is located 80 km from Antalya. Cypress, cedar, red and black pines form the ecosystem of the area. 400 hectares wide Mediterranean cypress forest is a unique botanical feature. The Roman Oluk Bridge over the canyon and the Bugrum Bridge over the Kokadere Stream are engineering structures of their time.

Koprulu Canyon

Great place for hiking as it has a nice walking area. The famous statues of Nemrut Dagi are located on two terraces on both sides of the giant barrow of Antioch | on the top of the mountain. Their two-meter heads were thrown off the bodies by an earthquake.

The Dilek Peninsula National Park and the Delta of the Great Menderes River is a protected area near the resort of Kusadasi. Mediterranean and Black Sea vegetation grows on the territory of the protected zone, as well as:

  • 28 species of mammals;
  • 42 species of reptiles;
  • many marine animals and fish.

Turkey is a country with very diverse landscapes, rare species of plants and animals, and unique places of historical significance.

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