The best beaches in Montenegro: advantages, location features and interesting facts

Montenegro is a country in the Balkans, a real pearl of summer destinations. A country of contrasts – from high mountain peaks to cozy sandy bays. The country has something to offer every tourist. 

Famous beaches of Montenegro

The Adriatic, where Montenegro is located, is famous for its beaches. Hidden in the gorges of shallow coves, where the sea is calm, stretching for many meters, rocky and sandy – where the sea plays.

Note! What they have in common is the purity and high transparency of the water, in some places reaching 55 meters.

The best beaches in Montenegro are those that have been awarded the “blue flag”. This award is given to places where the water meets high standards and is considered the most suitable for safe swimming. In Montenegro, these are the beaches of Budva, Bar, Tivat, as well as Herceg Novi and Ulcinj.

Colorful beaches of Budva

Budva has mostly sand and pebble beaches, some of them have rocky areas. Since sand and pebbles have different natural compositions, beaches also differ in color.
•The most famous Budva beach is Jaz. It is located between hills that reliably protect it from the winds, and small pebbles in the water are replaced by sand. On the territory of this large beach (length 850 meters) there are many small private beaches that offer their guests the highest class services, and a camping area for 2000 places. The eastern part of Yaz Beach is called Malaya. Previously, only nudists sunbathed here, who were then displaced by lovers of “regular tanning.”

Budva Jaz beach, photo

Lucice, located in Petrovac, is deservedly considered one of the most picturesque. It is covered on both sides by cliffs. To get there, you need to walk from the main beach, which stretches along the entire coast. The beach itself has a convenient entrance to the water, since the small pebbles here in some places resemble sand.

On the southern outskirts of Budva there is Guvance Beach – small and cozy, although it is quite far from the center.

Guvance Beach Budva

Additional Information! If you look at the best beaches of Montenegro in photos, then one of the most beautiful beaches not only on the Budva Riviera, but also on the entire southern part of the Adriatic coast is in the village of Becici (its length is about two kilometers). The beach is sandy and small pebbles. For vacationers there is a full range of various marine entertainments.

Another of the beaches of Budva is Morgen, named after the sailor who saved himself in these places and built the Church of St. Anthony in honor of this. The sandy shore is divided into two parts by a rock, inside it there is a tunnel for communication between the beaches.

The bar offers tourists two beautiful beaches. The two most popular coastal stretches of Bar have great names – Queen’s Beach and Pearl Beach. The first access is only from the sea; all approaches from the shore are protected by rocks. Secluded, with soft sand and clear water, the beach was Queen Milena’s favorite vacation spot (hence the name).

Pearl Beach is long, 1800 meters, and has a capacity of up to 9000 people. It is pebbly, but the pebbles resemble small beads or sand.
Pearl Beach is one of the best beaches in Montenegro for families with children, as it has specially equipped children’s areas.

Malevik beach, located north of the village of Sutomore, is surrounded by thickets of coniferous trees, in the shade of which you can hide even on the hottest day. Since the bottom in this place is very rocky, the water has high transparency, which attracts diving enthusiasts.

Montenegro, Malevik

Another vacation spot on the noble Riviera – Sutomore – belongs to the category of “the best sandy beaches in Montenegro” and has a blue flag for the purity of the water. The sand here has a beautiful color and is believed to have some healing properties.

In the center of Tivat…

In the center of Tivat, next to the Botanical Garden and the port of Montenegro, there is a city beach – this is part of a concrete embankment covered with sand. The nearby Palma beach is set up similarly. Waikiki Beach, strewn with fine sand on top of pebbles, is always crowded at the height of the tourist season.

Popular beaches of Herceg Novi

The most visited places include Milasinovic Beach, Topla Beach, White Villa and Royal Riviera Beach.
• Milasinovic Beach is quite large, 1500 meters, it belongs to the People’s Club, a popular establishment in Herceg Novi, and is located close to the tennis courts.

Herceg Novi beaches

• Topla is a fully equipped site with a concrete surface covered with sand.
• And White Villa is the main city beach, access to the water is via stairs. It is located in the port area, sometimes also called Boca (the beach previously belonged to a hotel with the same name).
• Royal Beach consists of sandy, concrete and pebble areas – for every taste of vacationers. It can also be considered one of the best beaches in Montenegro for children – the water near the shore is shallow and warms up well (along with Kalardovo beach in Tivat and the Big Beach in Ulcinj).
Ulcinj – the highest level of service
In Ulcinj, 4 beaches are marked with a blue flag: Tony Grill, Copacobana, Safari, Tropicana, MCM Beach, which offer tourists good service and an extensive entertainment program. All of these are equipped parts of the Big Beach – perhaps the most famous beach not only of the Ulcinj Riviera, but of all of Montenegro. One of its sections is filled with sand with unique healing properties, and the beach itself is 13 kilometers long!

Note! In general, the best beaches in Montenegro are considered to be those located in the vicinity of Budva, near the towns of Milocer and Sveti Stefan. Despite the high cost (during the season, the price of a visit can reach 30 euros), their advantage is beauty and good service.

The total length of the coastline in Montenegro is about 73 kilometers, and choosing your place for swimming will not be difficult. Tourists have good impressions from a variety of places; according to reviews, the best beaches in Montenegro, in addition to those mentioned here, include the beaches of the Lustice Peninsula.

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