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The Kingdom of Thailand is located in Southeast Asia on two peninsulas: the Malay Peninsula and the West Indies. It is washed by the waters of the China and Andaman seas. Neighbor countries: Burma, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia.

Country FeaturesThailand is the most famous and visited tourist destination in Southeast Asia due to its tourist infrastructure, beautiful and diverse island world with fabulous beaches, impressive mountain worlds, wild forests, original villages and temples.

Thailand is very diverse and offers many attractions. The advantage is its coastline up to 2500 kilometers long. Most of the coast consists of beautiful beaches. The national parks of Thailand are famous all over the world. Throughout the country there are more than 200 national parks, forest parks, marine protected areas.

In Thailand, you can admire the many Buddhist temples (there are about 27,000 in the whole country) with ornate gabled roofs and details in gold.

Capital of Thailand

The capital Bangkok is one of the most interesting metropolitan areas in the world, consisting of several districts where ancient traditions meet modernity: many historical monuments with ultra-modern shopping malls and skyscrapers.

 Bangkok is the capital of Thailand

The Royal Palace is one of the main attractions of Bangkok and a landmark for the whole of Thailand. The Grand Palace was once the residence of Thai kings, and so far solemn ceremonies, royal weddings and state receptions are held there.

Bangkok is very rich in museums and galleries. The Thai National Museum is very popular, where a collection of Thai art from ancient times to the present day is presented.

Wat Traimit – Temple of the Golden Buddha, which houses the largest statue of the Golden Buddha in the world. It is 3 m high and weighs 5.5 tons.

Madame Tussauds impresses with the realism of wax figures. Doubles of famous personalities of the present and the distant past are located in 10 exhibition halls.

Baiyoke Sky Tower is the largest building in Thailand with 88 floors and a height of 309 meters.

There are floating markets in several places in Thailand. The most famous, as well as the largest, is located right in Bangkok.

Additional Information! The metropolis is also known for its nightlife, an ideal place for shopping. Bangkok is not for everyone – the city is noisy, hot and stressful.

Outskirts of Bangkok and central Thailand

The surroundings are no less interesting than the capital itself:

  • the old royal city of Ayutthaya, whose landscape was shaped by about 375 temples;
  • in the highlands of western Thailand lies the charming small river town of Kanchanaburi. It is famous for its bridge over the River Kwai and is of particular historical importance because it is connected to the Burmese railway known as the Death Railway;
  • local national parks where you can get acquainted with Thai nature, the underwater world and a variety of plants and animals
  • At the snake serum farm in Pattaya, you can see a huge collection of both poisonous and harmless snakes living in Thailand;
  • The Safari Park, which is located near Pattaya, will surprise you with a variety of animals: rhinos, hippos, ostriches, tigers.

Crocodile farm in a park with million-year-old animal-like rocks in Pattaya. A significant part of the territory of the complex is occupied by enclosures with crocodiles of various species found in the wild in Thailand.

On the territory of the crocodile farm there are giraffes, elephants, tigers, Malay bears.

Destinations in Thailand

The territory of the country can be divided into the main areas:

  • the fertile part of the country is the central region formed by the lowlands around the Chao Phraya River;
  • northern Thailand – a region of high mountains and fertile valleys along the western edge of the Korat plateau;
  • southern part of the country with low karst mountains;

Most of the population lives in Bangkok and the central lowlands, which are fertile.

Thailand has two main tourist regions: the Andaman Sea on the west coast of Thailand and the Gulf of Thailand on the east coast.

The north of Thailand has a mild climate, where lush vegetation flourishes: lush green mountain ranges and dense virgin forests. The cities of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai are popular tourist destinations.

Cities in the far north are often used as starting points for hill tribe trips, elephant riding or kayaking.

There are many national parks in the northern mountainous part of the country. The Golden Triangle, which includes Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, is a popular tourist destination in the border area between Myanmar, Laos and Thailand.

Among the attractions are numerous temples, a huge night market, the Chiang Mai Elephant Natural Park, where sick and injured animals are taken care of.

To the north is Chiang Rai with the unique temple of Wat Rong Khun. The place is located in the mountains near the Golden Triangle.

The northeast of Thailand is less well known. The poorest region (Issan), where the arid Khorat plateau is located. Isaan’s great markets, rich culture and laid-back atmosphere make this almost unspoiled region well worth exploring.

The historic temple city of Sukhothai, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, lies about halfway between Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

Highlights include Pimai Historical Park with the ruins of the ancient temples of the Khmer Empire Angkor.

The most beautiful places in the south of Thailand are Phi Phi, Krabi, Koh Samui and many other cities. More than twenty such islands can be seen.

The southern peninsula, extending to the border with Malaysia, is formed mainly by tropical forests.

The Andaman coast is located in the west of Thailand: islands and coastal cities with dream beaches.

The most beautiful islands in Thailand

There are over 500 islands and it is impossible to visit them all. In addition to some very famous destinations such as Phuket and Krabi, there are also many small, unknown paradise islands on the west coast of Thailand.

Note! The islands have everything you could want for a perfect holiday. The beauty of the Thai islands is very diverse: somewhere you can admire only turquoise water, and in other places interesting rock formations.

These islands are among the most popular in Thailand.

Phuket is the largest island in Thailand and perhaps one of the most famous. It is a popular holiday destination for many vacationers.

 Thailand PhuketThe island on the west coast of Thailand is connected to the mainland by a bridge, has a large international airport and air links to the whole world. This is an ideal place for relaxation, as well as for diving enthusiasts. The island has many beaches, as well as many clubs and bars.

The beaches in Phuket are considered the most beautiful in the world. They are covered with white sand and small wooden boats are parked along the beach. They serve as a means of transportation around the island.

Patong Beach is the most famous beach on the island, three kilometers long. Due to the large concentration of hotels, and therefore tourists, this beach is very busy.

Kamala is a quiet beach with a gentle entrance to the sea, golden sand and blue water. Thanks to its gradual entry into the sea, it is also suitable for families with children.

Wat Chalong (Chaithararam Temple) – the largest temple on the island is located eight kilometers south of Phuket city.

Big Buddha – a marble statue 45 meters high is located on the top of Mount Nakkerd, is also one of the most beautiful viewing platforms on the island.

In Phuket City, you can visit the Oceanographic Museum, an open-air museum with orchids, a butterfly garden.

Pattaya is one of the busiest and most visited places in Thailand. It is located 140 km from Bangkok, has beautiful luxury hotels and is the largest center of beach entertainment.

Thailand Pattaya city

Due to its nightlife, central Pattaya is also a popular destination for sex tourism. The beach in this part of the city is very busy and one of the cleanest in Thailand.

The six-kilometer Jomtien Beach is located in the south of Pattaya. The beach is clean and nice to swim. Shops, restaurants and entertainment venues are within easy reach.

Sattahip Beach is located south of Jomtien, about 30 minutes drive from Pattaya. Unlike bustling Pattaya, the resorts here are built in the style of bungalows and low-rise buildings.

Samui is the third largest island in Thailand and the largest island in the Gulf of Thailand, is part of an archipelago of 80 small islands, 6 of which are inhabited. Considered one of the most beautiful and romantic islands in Thailand. It boasts beautiful white sandy beaches with emerald clear waters tinged with blue. The surroundings are beautifully complemented by palm trees and green hills.

 Koh Samui Thailand

The harbor of Nathon is the center of the island. Chaweng and Lamai beaches are some of the most attractive and lively beaches on the island. They are especially popular with families with children.

The water temperature here does not fall below 27 degrees all year round. Numerous spas have been created here in recent years.

Namuang waterfall. At the first waterfall there is an amusement park with crocodiles, elephants, snakes and a monkey show. The second waterfall is a bit more difficult to conquer, but overcoming it will be a reward for visitors.

Interesting! There is a law on Koh Samui according to which no hotel or other building should be higher than the tallest palm tree (about 30 meters) on the island.

Krabi is an island with many rocks and caves interspersed with plains. There are many activities on the island, especially trips to nearby islands. An ideal place for both active and passive recreation. For swimmers, there are white beaches with beautiful panoramic sea views, and for outdoor enthusiasts, there are many cliffs ideal for rock climbing.

Krabi Island in Thailand photo

The Buddha statue at Tiger Cave Temple (Wat Tham Sua) is one of the most famous in the area. You need to climb the 300-meter staircase to the feet of the Buddha.

The picturesque Phi Phi archipelago is a popular tourist destination. Administratively, the islands are part of the province of Krabi. Phi Phi Island with beautiful white beaches and rainforest inside. This island is interesting because there are no roads on it. Transportation is carried out exclusively by boat or on foot.

Ko Lanta is an archipelago of about 50 small islands located in the Andaman Sea. It is surrounded by long beaches for several kilometers. The area is quieter, with fewer tourists. An island located in the Andaman Sea. Ideal for divers. The west coast is surrounded by beautiful and pristine beaches.

Ko Ta is known as “Turtle Island”. People often choose places where peace reigns and at night they are not disturbed by the noise from the surrounding bars. One of the quietest places is the island of Koh Tao. The longest beach, Sayri, surrounds the island from all sides. The peculiarity of the island is that once a year turtles come here to lay their eggs in fine sand, which is why the island was nicknamed “turtle island”.

Koh Samet is a small, sunny island in Thailand. Charming beaches suitable for lovers of nature and tranquility are located along the entire east coast.

Thailand Pattaya Koh Samet island

Koh Phangan is a beautiful mountainous island with a dense forest, adorned with waterfalls. The island is known for its Full Moon Party (the largest beach party in the world) Every month on the full moon at Haad Rin Beach, there are over ten thousand dancers. For clients who do not indulge in noisy entertainment, Koh Phangan offers beautiful deserted and quiet beaches.

Koh Chang – known as the “Isle of the Elephants”, is full of jungle (rainforest) and is the second largest island in Thailand. On the west coast of the island there are larger beautiful long sandy beaches. There are few tourists on the island.

Chiang Mai is the gateway to the northern jungle, ideal for hiking and skiing.

Weather and climate

Thailand’s climate is tropical, with two rainy seasons that affect the south more than the north. The southwest monsoon in summer brings precipitation throughout the country, while the northeast monsoon in winter only affects the north. In Bangkok and in the north, the rainy season is limited to the period from May to October.

Thailand is cooler from November to February. The temperature drops below 30 degrees, and in the northern part of the country it is a period without rain. February to June is summer when temperatures are quite high. Storms begin in the second half of this summer.

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