Prague Vacation: What to see in the capital of the Czech Republic

The compact medieval center of Prague is an unforgettable labyrinth of stone streets, old areas, dark passes and countless churches. One of the few cities that was able to avoid serious damage during World War II, and this is evidenced by the charming cityscape. Streets around the main monuments are filled with curious tourists throughout the year.

What to see in Prague for 1 day?

Prague Center

Unlike other European cities, in Prague, the main cultural attractions are located within the center and almost all – within walking distance. Those who visited here already know what to see in Prague. Therefore, we recommend visiting the city by areas

Prague degrees

Start a walk from Prague Castle, the residence of the Czech kings. This is the most significant historical monument of the city. Prague Castle – from simple fortification became one of the largest castles in the world for a thousand years, this is undoubtedly one of the main Czech attractions. From the 9th century, he was a residence of Czech monarchs, today presidents.

Additional information! Some of the main attractions, such as Spanish Hall or Rudolph Gallery, are open only on one Saturday of the year.

St. Witt’s Cathedral, the famous Golden street, the Basilica of St. George – all of them are here. Right from here, Nerudov Street leads to Charles Bridge.

Charles Bridge – the oldest structure connecting two shores of the Vltava River. In addition to the towers on both sides, the Statue is installed on the bridge, the oldest and well-known statue of which is the statue of St. John Nepomochatsky, admire the sculptures of the bridge, make a desire, climb to the observation tower. Mala Country – Baroque Quarter near Prague Castle.

Passing up, about 10 minutes on foot, get to the Old Town Square – the center of the old town of Prague from the 10th century. Until the beginning of the 20th century, the largest markets were held here. There are many unique attractions on the square: the Town Hall, Prague Orel (the most famous astronomical clocks), a house near the stone bell, a monument to Jan Gusu. Come on Wenceslas Square – the main square of the city. The building of the National Museum is located in the southern part of Wenceslas Square. There is a great collection of natural exhibits,

In the evening it is worth going to the hill Petrshin. The hill is 318 meters high, in its surroundings, eight parks forming the green heart of the city. On the south side is the Observatory M. R. Styfanika, on the northern side of the Petrin Tower – a copy of the more famous Eiffel Tower 62 meters high.

Please note! Raise up onto the funicular, go to a mirroring labyrinth and must be taken to a reduced copy of the Eiffel Tower, offering stunning views of Prague.

three-day journey through Prague

What to see in Prague for 3 days? After the historic center, visit the Vy?ehrad, where the first Czech king Vityaislav I lived. In this old district, there is a cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul and Rotunda of St. Martin, a picturesque garden and a Visegrad cemetery.

In addition to Visegrad, Karlova Square, where the House of Faust, Church of St. Ignatius, Jesuit College and Emausi are located, are located, the monastery of Slavic Benedictine, which represents an interesting mixing of architectural styles. Not so far from Karlova Square is a dancing house, the outlines of which resemble a dancing couple, next to him – the Orthodox Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius.

 Saint Mikulas Cathedral

On the third day it is worth watching the Cathedral of St. Mikulas (Nicholas), his massive dome and the bell tower are mandatory for visiting, and Troy – a luxurious baroque castle of the 17th century. Outdoor staircase with images of the heroes of Greek myths, the wondrous French park and the majestic palace hall lead travelers delight!

What to see in Prague with children?

Prague Zoo

Prague does not bother to entertainment for children. For children in Prague a huge selection of entertainment! Not far from Troy there are a Botanical Garden and Prague Zoo, one of the most visited in Europe. Boldly go here – an exciting and cognitive holiday provided! Special programs have special programs in the zoo, you can feed, for example, camels, penguins, wolves, or watch animal nightlife. It is about 300 inhabitants to look at marine inhabitants in 40 aquariums with imitation of natural conditions.

Local Moon Park and Water Park – out of competition. Exposition of railway layouts, where tiny trains, a museum of public transport and a walk on the historical tram number 91 go on real rails.

In Prague County, there is a museum of toys who adore children! In the largest private collection presented toys from around the world. Not so long ago, Lego Museum, with the highest cubes tower, opened in the city. If the child is tired of cognitive excursions, offer him a trip to the children’s game island.

how to learn Prague in a week

What to see in Prague for the week? For a week, you can learn not only the city, but also to see the country, and from bright impressions to make a picture of an unforgettable trip. To do this, we visit the Moravian Kras, amazing the beauty of the protected area and the largest Karst array in Europe. Tourists go here to walk along the underground caves, see stalactites and stalagmites, admire interesting natural species.

Another mandatory place to visit, if you have time, – Karlovy Vary – the famous resort with healing mineral springs, located in Bohemia, 120 kilometers from Prague.

In addition to treatment, the resort offers many entertainment: traditional swimming pool in the pool with thermal water, fishing, racing on the hippodrome, horse riding and much more.

in Prague for 10 days?

What to see in Prague in 10 days? The choice of places to visit is huge and limited only by your preferences and fantasy. From all the variety of seats, you can allocate: Josephs (Jewish Quarter), Grads, singing fountains, thesis, theater, theater of shadows, chocolate museum.

It is necessary to go to Czech Krumlov – this is an outstanding historical and architectural complex, where the castle, a tower with a basement prison, theater and arcade of the castle tower of 35 meters are located on 10 hectares of the park.

What View in PragueAlone?

The city itself is quite possible to explore independently: up to most of the attractions you can walk on a foot and a well-developed movement of public transport, to many historical sites can be reached on a boat or ferry, and ride in the center on the tram.

Additional Information! Famous Czech beer, local food and masterpieces of culinary art are required for tasting

If you are going to go beyond the city’s limits, it is better to use the help of tourist companies. Their representatives, including our compatriots, can often be found on the streets.

Winter Prague

What to see in Prague in winter? Since the Czech Republic is relatively close, and this country is relatively inexpensive, it is often chosen by a place to relax in Christmas. Prague streets filled with people, restaurants with delicious food, shops with souvenirs and gifts will provide an unforgettable holidays!

If there is a desire to plunge into a fairy tale, go to the Czech paradise, the reserve in the north-west of the Czech Republic. There are a private factory for the production of gingerbread products, many castles, a museum of jewelry skill. Czech paradise is located on a large area, in one day to circumvent it hard, and will definitely want to return here again. So you can say about Prague – the more here you are, the more you love this city!

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