Mimic wrinkles: can they be effectively smoothed out?

Mimic wrinkles are the first to appear on our skin. They arise as a result of the activity of facial muscles. Wrinkles on the face can be seen before the age of 30. These are lines on the forehead, around the eyes or mouth, which appear on the skin due to the movements of the facial muscles. Getting rid of them is not easy, but if you make an effort, you can make them shallow, and keep your skin looking younger longer.

What are mimic wrinkles? How and where are they formed?

The condition of our skin is primarily affected by natural changes in the body resulting from aging and genetic conditions. Over time, the skin loses its ability to regenerate, bind water and retain it in the epidermis. The skin becomes dry, less elastic, the epidermis becomes thinner, wrinkles appear.

Mimic wrinkles are formed as a result of intensive work of mimic muscles. They are largely caused by the expression of emotions, so their appearance is inevitable. The skin contracts, then relaxes until a wrinkle gradually forms.

Additional Information! Wrinkles form perpendicular to the contracting muscle and appear at different ages. Small wrinkles form where the skin works the most: squinting, laughing, expressing anger, frowning. The more developed facial expressions, the greater the risk that wrinkles will appear faster.

However, their formation can be delayed by proper skin care. They deepen if the skin is not properly cared for.

Mimic wrinkles

On dehydrated skin, lacking elasticity or frequently exposed to sunlight or harmful free radicals, they appear faster.

How does the skin aging process take place?

The skin ages on its own. It is affected by many factors such as genetics, hormones, skin nutrition, or simply the passage of time and cell degeneration. There are 2 types of skin aging: internal and external. To prevent the formation of wrinkles, it is worth considering both internal and external factors.

The external type of aging caused by factors such as smoking, air pollution, UV radiation or improper care and protection of the skin. Their formation depends on the thickness of the skin or the amount of collagen fibers contained in it.

Skin aging

Dry and thin skin is much more prone to wrinkles than oily, thicker skin (even acne prone).

Cigarette smoking accelerates skin aging and is a source of not only toxic compounds that poison the body, but also free oxygen radicals. And it makes the skin age faster.

Home remedies for facial wrinkles

How can you prevent wrinkles with home remedies? The best way to avoid expression lines is to limit excessive facial expressions, but facial expressions can be extremely difficult to control. A healthy lifestyle helps keep you young. Home skin care should be aimed at thoroughly cleansing the face of makeup, regular exfoliation of the epidermis, and proper hydration.

Anti-wrinkle cosmetics should contain active ingredients:

  • vitamin C has antioxidant properties, brightens the skin and stimulates cells to produce collagen;
  • retinol stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin in the skin;
  • peptides reduce mimic wrinkles;
  • hyaluronic acid strengthens the skin, moisturizes well and restores its elasticity, as a result, it is less prone to the formation of mimic wrinkles.
  • coenzyme Q10 helps protect the skin from cell damage;
  • Collagen restores skin elasticity.

To effectively fight wrinkles, you need to regularly use cosmetics, apply anti-wrinkle creams both day and night.

Cosmetics against wrinkles

Anti-wrinkle products have a moisturizing and regenerating effect on the skin of the face, helping to make it more elastic. Anti-wrinkle creams should also contain antioxidants that fight the effects of free radicals. Vitamins E and C are usually used for this purpose.

Vitamin E is a very important vitamin. The antioxidant effect of vitamin E slows down the aging process and visibly reduces wrinkles.

Vitamin A, which belongs to retinoids, improves the appearance, as it directly and indirectly affects the synthesis of supporting proteins. It also has the ability to reduce free radicals, which slows down the aging process.

Note! Retinoids are a broad group of compounds containing vitamin A that smooth and tone the skin, reduce wrinkles, reduce discoloration, stimulate activity, and increase fibroblasts and collagen fiber production.

Retinoids exhibit the highest anti-aging efficacy of any active ingredient in cosmetics, which is why they are widely used in mature skin care products. They are most commonly present in anti-wrinkle creams that visibly reduce or reduce wrinkles, smooth the epidermis, and improve skin density and tension, making it supple.

Vitamin C is the main ingredient that helps maintain the proper structure and function of the skin. It also has a strong antioxidant effect, has a beneficial effect on skin health, and also delays the formation of wrinkles, and when applied topically reduces the number of damaged cells caused by UV rays.

Coenzyme Q10 – reduces existing wrinkles. Protects the skin from hypoxia. Stimulates its metabolism and regeneration. Peptides strongly moisturize the skin, and are very effective in the fight against aging.

Sun protection is the absolute basis for wrinkle prevention. Protect skin all year round with UV filters. Safe tanning and the use of sunscreen are essential. Although sunlight provides the production of vitamin D we need, it is the ultraviolet radiation contained in it that is the most important factor in skin aging.


Solar radiation harms the skin, has a drying effect, and also contributes to the earlier appearance of wrinkles. The sun affects the skin all the time, not just in the summer. The skin of the face after excessive sunburn becomes dry, less elastic, spots, discolorations, and wrinkles appear. Cosmetics should contain UV filters, and you need to apply it all year round.

Exercises for the facial muscles make the skin more elastic, and alternately tightening and relaxing individual areas affects the overall relaxation of the face. It is worth doing a few minutes of facial massage, which will improve blood circulation and make the skin more elastic.

How to smooth mimic wrinkles? Healthy lifestyle

It is necessary to enrich your diet with fruits and vegetables that contain natural antioxidants, as well as vitamins and minerals that affect the production of collagen and elastin in the skin.

Natural antioxidants

Vitamins found in fresh fruits and vegetables promote healthy and youthful looking skin and thus prevent and reduce wrinkles. Especially vitamins A, C and E. There should not be a lack of them in a healthy diet.

Important! In order for the skin to remain supple and smooth, it is worth paying attention to its proper hydration. Drinking water is good, but it also helps to smooth out expression lines. Moisturizes the skin from within and helps remove toxins from the body.

Herbal and fruit teas drunk without sugar are also effective. It is important to absorb the liquid slowly, regularly, in small sips. Drinking a lot of water will cause it to be quickly excreted from the body. About 1.5 liters of water should be drunk daily, it helps to moisturize the skin from the inside and remove toxins from the body,

The appearance of facial wrinkles is affected by the quality and quantity of our sleep. With constant lack of sleep, the skin noticeably gets tired, acquires a gray tint, loses moisture and elasticity. Over time, bruises under the eyes begin to appear, and mimic wrinkles become deeper and, accordingly, more noticeable.

Lack of sleep means that the skin does not have time for proper regeneration, which it does most intensively at night. Enough sleep is a good way to keep the beauty and youthfulness of the skin. While we sleep, the skin is restored and cleansed.

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