How to travel with children Baby at the airport

Traveling with your family can be a rewarding and memorable experience. At first glance, traveling with children can be difficult, and most parents are afraid to fly with small children. Long flights tire adults, not to mention children: airports are big, confusing, full of people. However, this may not be as difficult as it seems.

Before the trip

Traveling for children means new experiences and attractions, not to mention family vacations. But traveling with kids can also be a challenge to face along the way. But when you know how to travel with children, all these fears disappear. Try to plan your flight in advance and make it run smoothly. If the children understand their parents’ words, start preparing them for this new adventure by talking about the journey and the flight itself.

Think ahead about the travel documents, especially the passport for each family member, regardless of age. As a general rule, children traveling abroad must have their own passport or identity card. Even if it is a newborn, they must have an appropriate personal photo ID. There is nothing annoying – it is to know a few days before the trip that the passports are not valid after the expiration date or shortly before it.

Important! If one parent travels abroad with a child, he must have the consent of the other parent for the trip.

Make copies of your most important documents so that you can keep the originals safely in your home safe. Travel risks increase if you travel with children. In order to spend time with children without incident, it is important that everyone is well prepared for any health incidents. This is a well stocked first aid kit.

Take care of travel insurance. If you are traveling with children and family, this is a must. It is important to learn about possible vaccinations depending on the place of rest. In some countries this is mandatory. It is also important to find out if your health insurance is valid abroad.

Many people ask themselves the question when it is possible to fly with a baby for the first time. There are no age restrictions for flights. Any child can board a plane from the first days of life!

 Flying with a babyFlying with an infant is much more relaxed for parents than flying with small children. Babies usually don’t need much. In the first months of life, young children only want to eat and sleep.

At the age of two, flying becomes more stressful for parents. Toddlers want to keep busy, and depending on how long they are on the road, little passengers get bored. Use different toys throughout the trip to keep the kids busy. In addition, video and phone games are a good way to keep kids entertained throughout the flight.

New toys work wonders, everything new is interesting. The toys they play with at home have long since become uninteresting. You need to buy something new before every long flight or long trip. Even if it’s just a little thing.

Children at the airport

What is the best way to spend time with children at the airport? You will need more time to move around the airport with children. Schedule a little more time. This makes flying easier for kids and even more exciting. Many airports have observation terraces, from which, in good weather, you can better understand what is happening at the airport.

   Observation terrace

Flying is now easy and comfortable. A lot is now possible on an airplane: watching movies, walking, sleeping, playing. Many countries offer good infrastructure, a modern healthcare system and a high level of security.

Note! For the first flight with a baby, it is advisable not to fly far. If the prospect of flying with a baby scares you, choose a destination that’s easy to get to in less than two hours. Flying can be exhausting not only for us, but also for the child. You can pre-book a holiday in Europe, which is perfect for a holiday with a small child.

Traveling with children of any age can be much easier and more relaxing if you book an overnight flight for longer flights. If you’re flying during the day, make sure your flight doesn’t leave too early. Waking up in the middle of the night is not fun.

Book your plane seats in advance. Where possible, families with small children are seated in the front row of the aircraft. Perfect seats next to the toilets. Children always need to use the toilet, so you don’t have to disturb other passengers. In 99% of cases, the plane has a changing table where you can change a diaper without disturbing other passengers. This is mostly found in the front or second lavatory of the aircraft.

Airport for children

Additional airport services. Airports have become more convenient for travelers with families. There is a nurse’s room, playgrounds for the little ones, a cafe with high chairs, a children’s menu. In the waiting room there is a room for mother and child, where you can relax before the flight, feed and change the baby. All toilets at international airports are equipped with diaper changing facilities.

If children love to play and run, visit specially equipped playgrounds at most airports. Today, almost every major international airport has a special room, family area or playground where a child can play before boarding is announced.

 Airport for childrenIdeally, children fall asleep during the flight, and to increase the likelihood that this will happen, feel free to let them go in the lounge before departure.

Flying with children

The rules for the flight of minors under two years of age provide for free flights for them if they sit on their parents’ lap. As a general rule, children under the age of two are not entitled to a separate seat on most airlines and are therefore paid less or even fly for free. When booking a ticket online or by phone, if you are traveling with an infant, indicate his date of birth.

At many airports, baby strollers must be checked in as oversized baggage. Many airlines do not allow these items to be carried in the cabin due to lack of space and storage. Upon arrival at your destination, the stroller will be returned to you on the baggage conveyor.

Additional Information! Many airports offer a free rental service. It is also advisable to have a baby carrier with you in case the stroller is not available. It is best to find out in advance on the website of the respective airline or at the check-in desk.

Air travel rules. During takeoff and landing, the child must sit on his lap for safety reasons. The loop belt is first put on the child like a normal seat belt and then attached to the adult belt.

Flying is now easy and comfortable

Pressure on the ears, unfortunately, often happens with young children because the body does not know how to deal with the increasing pressure. The consequences are pain, crying and screaming. When taking off and landing, it is better to offer a breast or a dummy to a baby, and a bottle or lollipops to older children. Chewing and swallowing almost always helps. This will prevent stuffy ears, the child will take off and land more calmly. Drip vasoconstrictor drops into the nose before takeoff – they will significantly reduce the unpleasant process of laying the ears.

Earplugs should be inserted about 45 minutes before takeoff or landing to allow your child to get used to them.

What to take on the plane?

Good preparation is very important when traveling with a toddler to take special items in your hand luggage. Proper packaging will help you quickly pass the security check.

Fly with a child – pay attention to the right clothes. This contributes to comfort, and these things should always be at hand. It should be clear in advance what you can take with you on the plane:

  • baby food;
  • change of clothes for the baby;
  • toys;
  • first aid kit with analgesic and antipyretic;
  • diapers and wet wipes.

Food is important to children and many children are very picky about it. Baby food can be taken on board without any problems.

 Baby food

You need to remove these items from your hand luggage so that they are checked separately from other things. Takeaway food options are allowed: dried fruit, nuts, muesli bars, cereal and cookies are all good options. You can ask the flight attendant to warm up the milk bottles to the desired temperature. If you are breastfeeding your baby, there is nothing to worry about.

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