How to strengthen eyelashes at home?

Beautiful, thick and long eyelashes improve the appearance of the face itself, which is why it is worth making eyelash care one of the permanent elements of daily care.

Causes of eyelash loss

There can be many reasons for the loss and fragility of eyelashes. Eyelashes, like other hair on the human body, have their own natural life cycle, during which they grow from hair follicles and fall out after a while.

It should be remembered! Unlike hair that appears on other parts of the human body, eyelashes are the least fixed in the skin, so even an imperceptible touch can cause them to fall out. This can be caused by improper makeup removal, mechanical damage, or poor-quality eye makeup.

Eyelashes also weaken due to stress, overwork, weakness of the body, diet low in nutrients, as well as false eyelashes.

Eyelashes are also greatly affected by the daily use of waterproof eye makeup, especially if the mascara is applied several times a day or the cosmetics are of poor quality. Excess mascara contributes to the adhesion of hairs, which then tend to break.

Eyelashes fall out due to too much use of eyelash curlers. This leads to a weakening of the hair structure, it can break and tear out. Eyelash loss can be a problem for those who regularly get eyelash extensions from a beautician; which greatly weakens them.

Additional Information! The norm of eyelash loss is 2-5 eyelashes daily. The hair lives 100-150 days, then falls out, making room for a new one. If daily eyelash care is done correctly, and healthy eyelashes suddenly begin to fall out, health problems may be the cause. It can be caused by hormonal problems, menopause, and severe anemia.

How to strengthen eyelashes?

Loss of eyelashes requires taking appropriate measures. There are many ways to strengthen falling lashes. You should start by looking for the cause of their weakness. Often the reason lies in the weakening of the body and vitamin deficiency.

It is worth taking care of their condition by applying the appropriate care treatment, as well as taking supplements: vitamins from eyelash loss A, E, provitamin B 5 and vitamins of group B.

A proven home remedy for eyelash growth is rubbing oils into them. Unrefined castor, almond and coconut oils give the best results. They contain a large amount of vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids, which intensely nourish the hair follicles, making eyelashes grow faster. Useful substances affect elasticity and give a pleasant shine, which makes the eyelashes appear thicker.

 Oils contain a large amount of vitamin EA great way to regenerate eyelashes, strengthen their structure and accelerate growth is the regular use of a conditioner that has a good composition: biotin, panthenol or glycoproteins, as well as plant extracts.

Thick and long eyelashes: eyelash care

Eyelash care at home is not only about the use of appropriate preparations and the introduction of supplements. It is worth paying attention to the quality of cosmetics for eyelashes.

Waterproof mascara is removed with a liquid specially designed for this purpose

Waterproof makeup has a lot of advantages, but it also has a major drawback – makeup is very difficult to remove, which often becomes the direct cause of weakening the eyelashes. Eyelashes tightly surrounded by a hard layer of mascara break.

Note! It is worth taking care of them on a daily basis. Preparations containing castor oil not only strengthen eyelashes, but also stimulate their growth, which is especially important when thinning eyelashes.

Eyelash growth conditioners allow you to get long and thick eyelashes in a short time with a minimum of effort. It is enough to apply them once a day using a cotton swab. In addition, they add shine to the eyelashes.


A valuable ingredient is vitamin E, which also nourishes the skin where the hair follicles are located. It has a positive effect on fixing eyelashes, reducing the problem of their loss.

Instead of a traditional eyelash serum, choose a serum with a higher concentration of active ingredients:

hyaluronic acid;


vitamins PP;

horsetail extract.

In the case of waterproof mascara, always use a liquid specially designed for this purpose, which will dissolve makeup faster. Eye makeup should be removed before going to bed, and before the next application of mascara, it is worth carefully combing the eyelashes with a brush,

To strengthen eyelashes, you should also pay attention to your diet. It is worth introducing products that are a source of vitamins A, E or B, the deficiency of which also negatively affects the condition of hair, eyelashes and eyebrows.

Home remedies for eyelashes

At home, the most popular conditioner for eyelashes is castor oil, famous for its caring properties. This oil not only effectively strengthens eyelashes, but also makes them darker, thicker and longer. It is applied to eyelashes that have been previously cleaned of mascara residues from the roots to the ends with the help of a used mascara brush.

Daily eyelash care

Do not apply too thick a layer of oil, as this may cause irritation, tearing and temporary blurred vision. The effect of regular use of this home remedy for eyelashes is noticeable after a month.

Olive oil is one of the most popular eyelash conditioners. It not only moisturizes, but also nourishes the hairs, activating their growth, making eyelashes thicker and less prone to damage.

Other oils can be used, such as sweet almond oil or coconut oil. Using coconut oil also brings great results. Their task is to nourish the hair follicles and restore lost elasticity due to the content of fatty acids and vitamin E.

Green tea. In order to have beautiful and long eyelashes, you should ensure that they do not fall out. Chilled green tea is used for this purpose. When using olive or castor oil, you need to take a week break, during which you should comb your eyelashes daily with a brush dipped in tea infusion.

Cocoa butter with lanolin. Dissolve both ingredients in a water bath, then add a little olive oil and mix. The conditioner prepared in this way thickens the eyelashes, prevents them from falling out and strengthens their structure from the inside.

Aloe can be used alone or mixed with oil. Aloe conditioner is great for long lashes as it strengthens hair from the roots.

Conditioner with aloe for long eyelashes

Vaseline is an emollient cosmetic product that effectively protects eyelashes from falling out, thereby accelerating their growth. For long and thick eyelashes, Vaseline is applied at night.

Milk. Nutrients found in milk have been proven to promote hair growth. They can wash eyelashes and use it as part of one of the conditioners mentioned above.

Remedies for eyelash loss will provide them with natural growth, strengthen the hairs and prevent their loss.

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