Homemade coffee peeling for cellulite

Coffee scrub is an effective remedy for fighting cellulite. The caffeine contained in coffee helps to eliminate toxins from the body, improves blood and lymph circulation, and eliminates age spots. At the same time, the most effective scrub is homemade using natural coffee.

What is a coffee scrub? Why should you use it?

Peeling is the most effective method of cellulite treatment. Coffee peeling used systematically and for a long time significantly reduces cellulite. It acts on the adipose tissue located directly under the skin, breaks down unsightly lumps containing fat, water and other metabolic products. Caffeine improves circulation and stimulates fat cells to burn.

 Signs of cellulite

Note! Regular exfoliation of the epidermis using scrubs allows you to get rid of dead cells, stimulate blood circulation and enhance regenerative processes. Exfoliation should be a constant in skincare because the skin needs it. Dead skin layer prevents the penetration of nutrients contained in cosmetics.

Properties of coffee peeling

Coffee has a number of health benefits. The caffeine contained in coffee has a healing effect:

  • improves blood circulation;
  • has an anti-inflammatory effect;
  • strengthening effect;
  • rich in antioxidant properties;
  • stops skin aging;
  • promotes cell regeneration;
  • stimulates the elimination of toxins, the accumulation of which contributes to the formation of cellulite;
  • improves blood supply to capillaries.

Cellulite treatment due to these properties of coffee peeling is much more effective than those containing other ingredients. The effects of its use are noticeable much faster.

Cellulite treatment

The main chemical component of coffee is caffeine (an alkaloid), which speeds up metabolism, stimulates blood circulation, and also promotes the outflow of lymph from adipose tissue. It has a strong exfoliating effect, which allows you to effectively get rid of dead skin, impurities and sebum.

Anti-cellulite coffee scrub stimulates blood and lymph circulation, which contributes to the breakdown of fat cells, cellulite reduction and the elimination of toxins. Helps fight signs of skin aging, firms and smoothes existing furrows.

A clear reduction in cellulite will be visible after about ten treatments. The success of this treatment is determined by regularity. The effect of using a coffee scrub for cellulite can be seen already from the first procedure. The skin becomes smoother, firmer and better hydrated.

However, this effect will be short-lived. Only systematic use brings lasting results. Coffee peeling, combined with proper nutrition, drinking the right amount of water and activity, gives excellent results.

How to make a scrub at home? coffee scrub; recipe

Can be made at home with ingredients found in the kitchen and bathroom. It is worth adding ingredients to coffee peeling that enhance its effect and have a beneficial effect on the skin. These include sugar, salt, cinnamon or ginger.

There are several coffee scrub recipes, but the base is always the same – pre-brewed ground coffee. Pour about half a cup of coffee into a bowl, pour boiling water just above the level of the powder, wait about 10 minutes, and then drain off the excess water. When the coffee grounds have cooled, add the oil to the mass. It can be olive or other cosmetic oil. However, the recipe can be modified with additives with different effects.

Exfoliating scrub: coffee salt

Adding sea or Himalayan salt will enhance the exfoliating effect. However, you need to be careful not to use a salt scrub if there are minor injuries on the body.

Scrub: coffee salt

We also brew coffee, add 1-2 teaspoons of salt and mix with oil. The finished mixture is applied to the body, massage intensively and rinse.

Smoothing coffee scrub with sugar

Sugar will enhance the smoothing effect. It is enough to add 2-3 tablespoons of sugar to the basic peeling to get smooth skin.

Coffee scrub with cinnamon and ginger

Very useful in the fight against cellulite. Add 1-2 tablespoons of cinnamon and grated ginger. The ingredients are mixed and applied to the selected area of the body, massaged for several minutes.

To enhance the effect, you can wrap individual parts of the body with cling film to retain heat and start combustion processes. It is best to cover yourself with a blanket and relax, and after an hour wash off the peeling as usual.

You can create a coffee-honey body scrub yourself from ingredients that are very beneficial for the body: coffee and honey. What ingredients are needed?

  • 5 tablespoons of coffee grounds;
  • 2 tablespoons of honey;
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil.

The combination of coffee and honey as the main peeling ingredients is not accidental. The caffeine in coffee helps to get rid of cellulite. Honey contains many nutrients that prevent skin aging. It has antibacterial properties, soothes irritations and eliminates minor damage to the epidermis.

Refreshing summer with mint

Mint gives freshness to the skin. To make this scrub, mint is finely chopped and frozen ahead of time. The prepared ingredient and vegetable oil are added to the cooled coffee grounds.

Homemade coffee scrub with grape seed oil and orange oil

This scrub also has an antidepressant effect. The wonderful smell of coffee and orange will relax and soothe. Coffee and orange oil create a combination that is soothing and relaxing.

Peeling massage based on grape seed oil has a preventive effect on skin stretch marks. This oil is considered one of the strongest antioxidants, a natural source of vitamin E, which nourishes the skin, giving it elasticity.

Orange oil, which is part of the coffee scrub, has an anti-cellulite effect on the skin, smoothing and tightening it. In addition, as an antiseptic, it will relieve any irritation and redness that may occur after an intense peeling massage.

Mix the ingredients in the following order: coffee, grape seed oil, drops of orange oil. Mix thoroughly. The essential oil is highly concentrated, and although it is good for the skin in small amounts, it can cause serious irritation or allergies in excess. Therefore, 4 drops of this product is enough,

How to use a home scrub?

To enhance the effect of caffeine on cellulite, do not use previously brewed coffee, as it does not bring much benefit. Useful substances dissolved in boiling water. In addition, you need to pay attention to the type of coffee that has more caffeine. Robusta coffee has more of it than Arabica coffee, namely caffeine copes with cellulite on the skin.

Additional Information! Regularity is important. When using peeling 2 times a week, the desired effect can be seen in a month. Since the coffee preparation belongs to the category of strong peels, you should try not to use it more than 2 times a week. However, we must not forget that the basis of a good appearance is proper nutrition and hydration of the body.

Home SPA

Apply a pre-prepared coffee preparation to cleansed skin, massage with circular movements over the skin of the thighs and buttocks for about 10 minutes. You can also use peeling, if necessary, on the calves and around the abdomen. In order for the oil to be well absorbed into the skin and moisturize it, you can leave the mixture on the skin for another 10 minutes. After this time, wash off the scrub with warm water. Coffee peeling should be avoided by people with visible thin capillaries.

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