Home care with natural products

Many people suffer from skin problems. Incorrect and inappropriate care can deepen them even more. That is why it is worth paying attention to how we care for our skin and what cosmetics we use. It is worth focusing on natural products, which, due to the content of plant extracts and oils, perfectly care for the skin.

Features of home care with natural products

Many shortcomings of female beauty can be removed, as you know, with natural cosmetics. They work effectively, and their main advantage is freshness and the absence of artificial substances that can cause allergies and adversely affect the functioning of the skin, weaken its natural protective functions.

As part of popular cosmetics, you can see that most of them contain harmful substances. The use of chemical care products can contribute to the violation of the hydrolipidic barrier. Some substances have the ability to penetrate deep into the skin, where they subsequently cause damage to the entire body.

Beautifully smelling and pleasant to the eye, body lotions and body creams contain an incredibly high amount of toxins hidden in artificial additives and preservatives. The result is allergies and deterioration of the skin.

Natural cosmetics has become an integral part of our lives. For the treatment of skin diseases, which in most cases are the result of improper care, and to prolong a beautiful and youthful appearance, ordinary cosmetics are used.

Natural cosmetics

It consists of herbs, essences and vegetable oils. Natural care is a chance for our skin to restore health and radiance, maintain skin tone,

Note! It must be remembered that sometimes the skin needs time to get used to it. When preparing various creams, masks, balms, ointments at home, it is worth using raw materials from your own garden or from organic farming, if you know that they contain the most useful ingredients.

Home skin care with natural cosmetics

There is no more important facial treatment than cleansing. This is just as important in the morning as it is in the evening. During sleep, sebum accumulates on the skin, as well as various kinds of pollution – dirt, dust, keratinized skin residues, etc. If you do not get rid of them, they clog the skin and thereby lead to imperfections. Washing your face with water is not enough. For this, natural cosmetics of the face are useful.

Makeup removal. Thorough make-up removal is the basis of evening care: removing make-up, as well as oil and dirt accumulated on the face during the day.

Makeup removal

Natural facial oils are great for removing make-up. They perfectly remove decorative cosmetics, and do not cause irritation. In addition, they effectively nourish the skin and strengthen the natural hydro-lipid barrier.

Note! Dry skin, home care should be based on moisturizing and lubricating the skin. Moisturizing cosmetics will help to fill the lack of natural moisture. Oil cosmetics will strengthen the lipid barrier and reduce the loss of water by the epidermis.

Oily skin home care. Balancing between hydration and absorption of excess sebum is the foundation of oily skin care. Skin, regardless of type, needs hydration. If cosmetics contain oils, choose those that are designed for oily skin: hemp oil and black cumin oil have anti-inflammatory properties.

Two-step makeup removal is very popular today. To carry out, you will need natural oils for the face and a cleansing gel or foam. First, apply the oil on the face, and massage the skin with light movements. Thus, makeup dissolves, we get rid of environmental pollutants, and at the same time blood circulation improves.

Wash your face with warm water and apply a cleansing gel. Thanks to him, they get rid of oil residues and excess sebum, and at the same time refresh the skin and make it soft. After all, serum and cream are applied to the face.

Wiping the face with tonic is another important element of care that should not be overlooked. It should be remembered that after washing the face with water, the natural pH of the skin is disturbed. This means that the skin loses its protective barrier and cannot effectively defend itself against bacteria and harmful environmental influences. Tonic not only provides a feeling of freshness and relief, but above all restores the correct pH of the skin.

A tonic based on plant essences is ideal, as well as a hydrolate – flower water obtained by distilling plant materials. If you want to moisturize the skin, choose rose hydrosol. If acne is a problem, bitter orange or witch hazel hydrolate is a good choice.

Hydration. Any skin, including oily, needs moisturizing, so immediately after cleansing and soothing the face with a tonic, a thin layer of a suitable cream is applied. Natural Facials: An almond oil moisturizer or a rosehip smoothing cream can help keep skin in good condition.

Vegetable oils in natural balms

Nutrition. It is better to focus on rich natural care products containing shea butter, avocado oil, argan oil or grape seed oil. Vegetable oils in the composition of natural balms contain important functions:

  • they protect the skin from moisture loss;
  • provide it with valuable nutrients, mainly unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins;
  • soothe irritations and support natural regeneration processes.

Well moisturize the skin means with hyaluronic acid, urea or vegetable glycerin.

Rosehip-based natural skincare is also a great solution. This ingredient contains a lot of vitamin C, which is so important for keeping the skin hydrated and supple.

Home skin care

Soothing compress on the skin from potatoes. A very simple remedy for various irritations of the skin of the hands, redness, burns, as well as peeling and dryness of the skin of the hands of mashed raw potatoes. In this simple way, the skin softens and whitens.

To prepare a cosmetic product, it is enough to grate one or two medium-sized, thoroughly washed and peeled potato tubers. Then gently rub the gruel into the skin of the hands three to four times a day. Let the paste dry each time. Then wipe dry, you can rinse. A similar effect is given by rubbing the skin with a slice of potato. You can add a small amount of linseed or other oil, preferably cold pressed, to raw potatoes. Then such a compress will additionally nourish the skin.

Home skin care for hands

Smoothing hand cream made from oil, preferably cold pressed, and two tablespoons of glycerin. For flavor, you can add a little lavender oil or lemon juice. Store the cream in the refrigerator. Gently rub it into the skin of the hands and leave for about 10 minutes. Then wash off.

In folk cosmetics, a simpler way to prepare a hand cream that improves the appearance of the skin and removes roughness. Boil some potatoes in their skins, peel. Mash the tubers with whey and linseed oil. Add enough of both ingredients to make a gentle ointment. Add a few drops of rose oil for fragrance. Gently rub it into the skin of the hands and leave for a few minutes. Then wash off.

Fresh apple and lemon juice. A well-known cosmetic remedy for centuries is lemon juice. Especially for oily skin, it is worth rubbing it into the skin before going to bed and leaving it overnight.

Apple juice is also a homemade tonic that has a very positive effect on the condition of the skin of the face and neck. The juice is washed off after a few minutes. It is best to always use freshly squeezed apple juice.

Citrus juice cosmetic

Citrus juices, as well as fermented milk products, such as whey. provide a natural acid shield for the skin. Washing your face regularly with whey is the easiest and probably the cheapest way to improve your complexion. You can quickly prepare whey yourself at home by adding wine vinegar or lemon juice to boiling milk.

The hydroxy acids give the skin the perfect pH and help it exfoliate the outer layer of dead cells. When this process is slower and incorrect, wrinkles form.

Wine vinegar smoothes the skin and establishes the skin’s natural reaction, altered by soap and alcohol-based cosmetic milk. It is best to use apple cider vinegar. Before use, dilute it with water in the ratio of one part of vinegar to 6-10 parts of water. If you pour wine vinegar on herbs, for example, lavender flowers, rose petals, for several days, you get fragrant toilet vinegar.

Healthy eating, exercise and good sleep. Of course, changes for the better do not come immediately, it takes patience and time.

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