Holidays in Dubai in Ramadan

Dubai is becoming an increasingly popular destination for tourists not only because of the climate with a minimum amount of precipitation and snow-white beaches with clean water. The holy month of Ramadan is a period when you can visit Dubai. At this time, the city is much less crowded, and this allows the tourist to quietly enjoy them without endless queues, which are characteristic of the most famous sights.

What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is the most important month in Islamic calendar, one of the five pillars of Islam. It is believed that in this month, Allah began to transfer the prophet Mohammed, Islam’s teachings, which was then collected in the book Quran.

Ramadan, in particular, is characterized by the fact that believers spend more time in prayers and with their loved ones. This is a sacred month of fasting. Children, elderly, sick, pregnant and nursing women will not stand.

Dubai during Ramadan

Dubai is a modern tourist city, and even during Ramadan, it is unlikely to have problems finding a bar or restaurant. Many large shopping centers of Dubai welcome Nemusulman during Ramadan, offering dining areas that hide consumers from passersby. Visiting Dubai during this period, tourists will experience the same services as during the year.

Additional information!Islam prohibits a lie, deception, quarrel, slander and slander, and it is even more relevant during Ramadan. The main thing this month is the post: the followers of Islam will fall from dawn to sunset.

The purpose of the post is to bring humility, patience and spirituality to mind, so believers refrain from food, drinking, smoking, sex and unclean thoughts during the post. The purpose of the post is to bring the believers to God when a person is distancing from worldly pleasures and concentrates on his inner.

At this time, the streets and shopping centers are decorated, and everyone is invited to take part in various evening events.

Shopping centers often increase the time of operation

When is Ramadan?

Ramadan is an unusual time in Dubai, regardless of faith. An important part of Ramadan is the daily post, during which believers refuse food and drink during the day. Although in different Muslim countries, the holy month is noted in different ways, post from dawn to sunset, regular prayers, charity and modesty in the atmosphere of compassion to less successful – the usual business during Ramadan.

The holiday implies compliance with certain rules and for tourists. Tourists, being in Dubai, or another Islamic country during Ramadan, must comply with some rules. You can even encounter punishments, ranging from ordinary warnings and ending with fines, in rare cases and imprisonment.

What should I avoid:

  • food, drink smoking in public places;
  • inappropriate clothing;
  • Loud public speeches, singing or quarrel.

There are clear rules of dressing in public places. During Ramadan, covered shoulders and knees with free cut clothes.

The post is not required from people except Muslims, but no one will prevent anyone to try it during the day. You need to carefully treat those who fasten. Those who do not stop will not be hungry: many restaurants work as usual, only hiding visitors from prying eyes for nonsense shirms.

As Ramadan relies on the Islamic lunar calendar, his date is changing every year. It takes about 30 days, until the next ascending Moon, and ends with the Celebration of Al-Fitr – interrupted post.

What is Iftar and Suchur?

One of the best ways to take part in the celebration of Ramadan is to arrange an Iftar with friends (after sunset) and Suchur (before sunrise).

Holiday interrupting day post

Iftar is a holiday, interrupting day post, begins after the sun is completely the village, and continues until the morning, when a generous banquet called Sujur. After sunset, the post is interrupted, and the time of good food in a society company comes. Muslims often invite their friends-non-Muslims on him, and this is a great opportunity to learn about Islamic traditions. Fun usually comes in full swing.

Additional information! Iftar is served at sunset and consists of a row of rice and grilled meat, which are ideal for nutrition and restore forces after a long day of fasting. Sujur consists mainly of fruits, sweet cereals, yogurt and pudding, and it is eaten shortly before dawn.

What happens during Ramadan after the occurrence of darkness?

The basis of the first night meal of Iftar is the dates and water or milk that the Prophet Muhammed interrupted the post. However, today’s Muslim tables are much more diverse after the occurrence of darkness. All establishments, from street kiosks to the most luxurious restaurants, offer the best Arabic and international dishes.

During the evening Iftar, most often found on the tables of dishes with rice and meat.

Evening Iftar

The most common tastes during the morning meal of Sukhura are fruits, sweet flakes, yogurts and puddings.

What can surprise during Ramadan?

Happy very quiet city. There is no music anywhere, but you can drink after sunset. Some amusement parks stop work. At night, the streets light up, and the atmosphere of night streets during Ramadan is often even more festive, cheerful and alive than the rest of the year. The center also hosts popular holidays Iftars, especially for visitors who first came to Dubai.

Make your contribution to charity – another Ramadan’s support. This is a manifestation of kindness and help poor, widows and orphans. Charitable shares are held throughout the city during the month.

Dubai – the capital of the state and the same name of the Emirate, the largest and rich of seven, which are part of the United Arab Emirates, visiting Dubai during Ramadan means contact with a completely different reality than our who need to experience their own eyes, an excellent opportunity to learn more about historical traditions and customs cities. Ramadan is an ideal opportunity to plunge into a rich culture of the region.

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