Hand care at home

The main reason for dry skin of the hands is improper care of them. Every day they are exposed to the harmful effects of external factors, which is why it is so important to protect them. Hand care is extremely important to keep them healthy and young.

Causes of dry hands

The skin on the hands is most prone to damage and drying out. Every day we wash our hands many times, come into contact with detergents, expose them to frost, wind and sun. All this affects the condition of the skin, including its youthful appearance.

Additional Information! Unlike other parts of the body, the skin on the inside of the hand has no sebaceous glands, while the skin on the outside has few. The lack of a lipid layer deprives them of their natural protection.

Dry hands can be caused by skin conditions, but are more often the result of adverse factors such as frost or excessive UV radiation. At the same time, the hands become rough, redden, and often there is a burning sensation and cracking of the skin.

“Dry skin” refers to excessive flaking of the epidermis, sometimes accompanied by cracking of the skin on the hands. To avoid this effect, you should know the causes of dry hands:

  • the use of preparations not intended for the skin of the hands (strongly degreasing soaps);
  • long, hot baths lead to the washing out of the fats that make up the natural protective layer from the skin, which causes it to dry out;
  • adverse weather conditions: low winter temperatures, strong UV radiation, gusty winds;
  • use of strong cleaners.

External causes include frequent contact with detergents, which causes the destruction of the protective barrier of the stratum corneum and can cause cracks in the skin in a relatively short time.

Additional Information! Detergents can lead to increased skin flaking. It is recommended to use protective gloves to limit direct contact with dangerous preparations.

The cause of dry skin of the hands is frequent hand washing, the use of disinfectants, as well as the wearing of disposable gloves. Skin that lacks a natural protective barrier is susceptible to damage.

The cause of dry skin of the hands is frequent hand washing

Improper skin care – using drying soaps, washing hands alternately in hot and cold water, and not drying them dry can also cause dry skin on the hands.

Deficiency of vitamins, as well as zinc, selenium and magnesium, also significantly worsens the condition of the skin. Nutritional errors – lack of vitamins A, C, E, essential fatty acids.

Dry hands are not always caused by improper hand care. The state of such a defect is also affected by dermatological diseases: hormonal disorders, kidney failure, diabetes mellitus, which often have a genetic basis. Dry skin can also be the result of impaired lipid production, a deficiency of ceramides.

Home care for hands. How to choose a cream for dry skin of the hands

Proper hand care – leading to regeneration and hydration of very dry skin. Very dry hand skin requires properly selected cosmetics that can restore the natural hydrolipid membrane of the epidermis and reduce water loss. It is worth using a good hand cream (for example, in the form of a serum). Homemade masks made from natural ingredients are also suitable.

Dry skin of the hands requires the right cosmetics

The choice of hand creams is very large, but not all of them have the same structure, which create a protective film on the skin, are responsible for moisturizing and rapid regeneration. A good hand cream should contain the following ingredients:

  • anti-drying fats (glycerin, petroleum jelly, vegetable oils, paraffin);
  • vitamins for dry skin of the hands;
  • moisturizing ingredients:
  • sedatives.

Vitamin A is responsible for exfoliation of the epidermis, cell renewal and collagen synthesis. Provides proper hydration, smoothness and elasticity to the skin. Prevents discoloration and spots on the hands and regulates the renewal of the epidermis.

Natural sources of vitamin A are animal and vegetable products: offal, fish, eggs, carrots, red peppers, spinach, apricots, peaches, cherries.

Sources of vitamin A

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals and prevents cell damage and aging (including skin). Found in nuts, sunflower seeds, oils, whole grains.

Vitamin B5 prevents skin keratosis. Its sources are brewer’s yeast, bran, dairy products, bananas and poultry. Vitamin B7 regulates the sebaceous glands. It contains egg yolks, cheese, yeast, dark rice, corn, cauliflower, legumes, onions, and beets.

Hyaluronic acid binds water in the epidermis, protecting it from drying out. Allantoin is a substance that has many beneficial properties for the skin: moisturizing, regenerating, anti-inflammatory, soothing and astringent. Softens and smoothes the skin, protects it from the harmful effects of external factors.

D-panthenol moisturizes, improves the softness and elasticity of the skin, soothes irritation and inflammation, improves the function of the lipid barrier.

Special regenerating gloves impregnated with a healing liquid containing active ingredients have proven themselves well. The heat generated when wearing gloves promotes deeper penetration of nutrients.

Hand care at home. Remedies for dry skin

Regular hand care prevents premature aging, it is necessary to take care of them regardless of the season.

  • Use hand cream, preferably after each wash or at least 3 times a day.
  • Choose creams according to the needs of the hands.
  • In winter, wear gloves to avoid frostbite and dry skin.
  • In the summer use creams with a filter.
  • Use hand masks that will nourish and moisturize delicate skin.
  • Use rubber gloves to protect your hands from the harmful effects of detergents.
  • Apply a hand scrub at least once a week.

Creams enriched with vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, retinol or collagen have anti-wrinkle properties. In addition, they strengthen the skin.

Exfoliating your hands regularly is the best way to restore softness and healthy color to your hands. You can make it yourself from coffee, sugar, salt, or buy a ready-made cosmetic product. The most important thing is to use it systematically, preferably 2 or 3 times a week. It takes 5 minutes, but the effect is worth it.

Hand peeling

Masks are a good addition to home hand care. Use 2-3 times a week, preferably after peeling. Apply a thick layer of cream on hands and put on gloves. You can do this simple treatment even every day for a week.

A very good way to regenerate hands is olive oil. Lightly heat it in a bowl, then squeeze the juice from half a lemon. This homemade hand care perfectly moisturizes, nourishes and softens the skin. Lemon juice brightens.

Sun protection

Collagen production in the skin of the hands decreases with age, and the skin loses its elasticity and firmness. In addition, constant exposure to sunlight accelerates the aging process and contributes to the formation of age spots.

The harmful effects of sunlight on the skin, they are difficult to hide from the sun. To prevent rapid aging and unsightly discoloration, apply sunscreen to your hands as well. Regularity brings the best results. The cream will strengthen the structure of the skin, restore its elasticity and firmness.

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