Facial peeling at home. Benefits of home face scrub

How to look more beautiful with clearer skin? To give the skin radiance, vitality and softness, as well as get rid of acne, pimples and many other skin problems, you can use homemade scrubs. Facial peeling is the simplest solution to achieve this goal, using the beneficial properties of natural materials.

What is facial peeling and how is it done?

Natural peeling is a process that cleanses the skin of the face and body.

Additional Information! A simple scrub can be done on your own at home with the products that we most often have in our kitchen. Natural ingredients are always effective and have beneficial properties.

The key to beautiful skin is to remove impurities and dead cells from the surface of the epidermis. Facial scrub is suitable for all skin types, achieved through mechanical or chemical action.

  • Do not do facial peels if there is an allergy to the skin.
  • Frequent use may cause skin irritation.
  • For best results, exfoliate your skin while taking a bath when the pores are open.
  • Do peeling at night to avoid sunlight.

Apply a small amount of the product to cleansed, dry and non-irritated skin, avoiding the eye area, and gently massage in circular motions. Wash off with warm water.

Wash off with warm water.

Another way: apply for 10 minutes, then rinse or remove with a cotton swab, depending on the product.

Immediately after exfoliation, it is important to moisturize the skin with a cream or serum, as not only dead epidermal cells are removed, but also the hydrolipidic film. After getting rid of impurities, you can extend the care with a mask.

How often do you need to exfoliate your face?

Note! The frequency of exfoliation depends on the type of skin! Normal skin is exfoliated once a week, oily skin – up to two times, and sensitive, dry skin is enough once every 15 days. Excessive use of the scrub can make the skin more sensitive and prone to epidermal problems. It is recommended to avoid sun exposure.

A facial peel for oily skin once a week will help keep oily skin clear and radiant by removing excess sebum and pimples.

Homemade face scrub for combination skin. The combination face has both dry and oily spots, so face peeling should be gentle. Exfoliation should be directed primarily at oily areas on the T-shaped part of the face (i.e. forehead, nose, chin).

Natural facial peeling for dry and sensitive skins. Dry skin does not need intensive and frequent exfoliation because it is sensitive. By exfoliating your face once every two weeks, you can keep your skin clean, radiant and beautiful.

Facial scrub benefits

It is very important to choose the right products for the right skin type to avoid redness and breakouts. Exfoliating your facial skin will leave your skin clear, shiny and soft.

Additional Information! Exfoliating agents cleanse the epidermis of impurities, excess sebum, and stimulate cell renewal. Dead cells and toxins are removed, allowing the skin to breathe and renew its cells. Collagen production is activated and blood circulation improves. The pores are narrowed, and even pimples and fine lines become less noticeable.

Skin Exfoliation Products

Organic scrubs are gentle and ideal for sensitive skin. Before proceeding with peeling on the face, it should be washed well. If this is done immediately after a shower, then the pores will be opened and better cleansed. Apply homemade peeling on the face, and lightly massage it in a circular motion.

Organic scrubs
  • Olive oil helps skin cell regeneration when the skin is in need of hydration and nourishment.
  • Salt reduces dryness and inflammation of the skin, prevents dehydration of the skin. Unlike table salt, sea salt has a high content of trace elements.
  • Lemon is known for its whitening properties and action against skin blemishes and freckles, as well as its antiseptic action against acne.
  • Sugar cleanses pores, removes dead cells and improves
  • Baking soda has antiseptic and antibacterial properties, works against acne
  • Dairy products make the skin soft, soothing, providing gentle exfoliation and deep hydration.
  • Green tea has beneficial properties for women’s skin.
  • Due to its texture, coffee grounds are ideal for exfoliating the skin and reducing cellulite.
  • Oatmeal is a gentle scrub for sensitive skin, a natural facial cleanser.
  • The results that kiwi brings as a natural facial scrub are amazing!

Olive oil and sea salt can be combined to exfoliate the face and body and treat areas of dry skin.

There are many different recipes for facial peels with sugar and lemon. These are two simple and very common homemade ingredients with many benefits. Sugar combined with lemon is ideal for both exfoliating the face and fighting acne and blemishes. Be sure to do this at a time when you do not need to go outside for two hours, due to the citric acid that the lemon contains.

The benefits of lemon for the skin of the face

Make your own homemade scrub with baking soda and milk. This special peeling will remove dead cells and blackheads and help treat acne. Caution is needed if there are pimples on the face, as baking soda causes skin sensitivity. Apply a moisturizer to your face after exfoliation to deal with this.

Coffee scrub will help you get radiant, clean and deeply hydrated skin. Coffee can help cleanse the skin and remove dead cells and toxins from its surface. This peel is perfect for the face.

Coffee scrub

Coffee scrub
Mix an equal amount of coffee with olive oil and gently wipe over your face. Massage a little and rinse with warm water. This peel is also ideal for oily combination skin, if you have problems with age spots.
Oatmeal can thoroughly cleanse the skin without hurting it. Mix an equal amount of oatmeal with honey, apply it on the face or body and massage gently.

How to make a homemade scrub?

Simple and affordable ingredients

Facial peeling at home from simple and affordable ingredients that are always in our homes. There are many recipes for peeling for independent use.

Sugar and olive oil. One of the easiest homemade facial scrubs. It is widely used by both young and old women.

  • 1 tablespoon of granulated sugar.
  • A little olive oil

Sugar and green tea. Home scrub for young skin.

  • 2 tablespoons of granulated sugar
  • Green tea as needed

Olive oil and salt. One of the most famous homemade facial scrubs,

  • 1 tablespoon of salt.
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil.

Honey and coffee. This homemade face scrub can give you wonderful results.

  • 1 tablespoon ground coffee
  • A little honey to cover the coffee.

Soda and milk. Home peeling will remove dead cells and blackheads, and will also help cure acne.

  • 1 tablespoon baking soda
  • 3 tablespoons whole milk (you can use yogurt or cream).

Whichever recipe you choose, mix the ingredients to make a mixture and always apply it on your face in gentle circular motions. Wash off with warm water and then use a moisturizer.

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