Beach holidays in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates boasts beautiful beaches. Beach season in the UAE lasts all year round. Beaches washed by the waves of Oman and the Persian Gulf. The length of the coast, more than 700 km. Well maintained and clean beaches attract tourists.

Features beach holidays

Coast each emirate is characterized by the color of sand (from dazzling white to shades of red). The beaches are different in size, originality, local laws on holiday spending, infrastructure and attractions.

Most hotel resorts have their own private beaches, where in addition to impeccable service and a clean environment, you can go snorkelling, kayaking, diving and other sports. There are also public beaches.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are best suited for those travelers who do not spend much time at the beach and visit the most interesting places.

Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah are more suitable for beach lovers, as they are quieter places without many attractions.

As for Sharjah, this city is suitable for those who want to distribute their time on a beach holiday and sightseeing.

The beaches of Dubai

Dubai – this emirate, which is considered the leader of the beaches. Despite the fact that many holidaymakers in Dubai use the private beaches of its hotels along the shoreline, the city also has public beaches. On the coast, stretching over 60 kilometers and in many artificially created island everyone can find a beach to your liking.

Beach Dubai

One of the new beaches in Dubai – Marina Beach. It provides absolute comfort for even the most demanding tourists: treadmill, park, playground, dressing room with toilets, and perhaps the most popular is the open-air cinema

The beach is close to the promenade that leads to the most modern shopping world famous brands. Most hotels are located in the popular district of Dubai.

The most beautiful beach in Dubai is located in Jumeirah, in the area where the most luxurious hotels.

Note! The Hotel Burj Al Arab, with its typical shape of a sailboat, has become a symbol of this beach.

Several kilometers of beach with fine white sand have a smooth entry into the sea and are often the choice for families with children. It is a lively place with restaurants, cafes, shops, a large park, as well as the water park Wild Wadi.

The Jumeirah district, on the coast between Dubai Zoo and Jumeirah Mosque – Beach Area “La Mer”. Modern place for a family holiday, where all the facilities provided by Beach Resort.

Beach Al Mamzar Park, Dubai in the north, near the border with the emirate of Sharjah, is a worthy setting for a relaxing and active holiday.

Two-kilometer beach Kite Beach in Dubai – a popular place for lovers of kite surfing, as well as for those who like to swim in the clear sea and rest on the beach quality. A fine white sandy beach is ideal for those who want to relax.

Sunset Beach. The range of sports and entertainment is limited, but you can still relax on the beach with fine sand and clear water.

Al Mamzar Beach Park combines a number of beautiful beaches with a large green area with palm trees. You can swim or picnic. Barbecue areas are a great place. To explore the park, you can use the local train, which runs here.

Jebel Ali beach – free beach. The beach is empty, you need to take with you everything you need to spend time on the beach. He has always been a popular destination for camping.

Nasimi Beach belongs to the category of paid beaches. This is a busy place with bars, restaurants and shops. There are also places where you can cook barbecue, and on Saturday at the beach you can have fun with DJs.

The coast of Abu Dhabi

Coast of Abu Dhabi is surrounded by nearly 200 artificial islands, making it one of the best places to stay. The beaches of the capital are mainly in the domestic channels Abu Dhabi. The exceptions are hotels on Yas Island, where they have a beach overlooking the open sea, but are further from the main attractions.

Away from the city, on the island of Bahrain, located wild beaches equipped. Due to the shortage of land Situated on the beach, so the beach is narrow, which reduces the price. Get to Bahrain, you can only water.

Cornish Beach – one of the most beautiful on the coast of Abu Dhabi, sandy beach. It is located on the Corniche, the boulevard with palm trees, monuments, playgrounds and high-rise buildings. The award-winning Blue Flag shows its quality. The beach is accessible for people with disabilities.

beach vacation in Sharjah

Emirate of Sharjah located on the coast of the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf. Beach vacation in Sharjah offers a scenic view of the coral reefs and stunning blue bay.

Clean safe beaches with white sand imported or local yellow are perfect for families with children. The beaches of the emirate’s perfectly clean.

Sharjah is different from the other emirates severity of prohibitions and regulations. Not all beaches in the emirate allow women to be in bathing suits. Not to swim in clothes, it is worth pre-select beaches and hotels with an indication of wear.

Al Khan Beach – public beach in Sharjah for those who like to relax in the hot sand, and for sports fans. The advantage of the beach is its location on the waterfront. The beach is located along the coast, not far from the historic part of Al Khan and Sharjah Aquarium.


The only emirate to the beaches on the Gulf of Oman in the Indian Ocean. Water sports enthusiasts should visit the coast of Fujairah. This emirate are the most popular among fans of fishing and diving.

The most popular beaches in Fujairah – is an island Sharq and Al-Akah. The beautiful and clean beaches of the city are ideal for lovers of the sun. Recreation areas are attractive for climbing enthusiasts.

Additional information! Fujairah emirates among different nature, water color and marine life. Here the best underwater world of the United Arab Emirates: fish, coral, turtles and diving at Shark Island. Appearance of the emirate of Fujairah is different from Dubai – there is much less of skyscrapers and lots of greenery.

Khor Fakkan beach – a sandy beach, 20 km from Fujairah. Villa Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, built on a hill above the beach.

Beach Al Akah situated between the Hajjar Mountains and the sea. It is approximately 87 km from Dubai Airport. Here are created ideal conditions for diving, there are coral reefs, exotic fish and even a shipwreck that can explore the experienced divers.


The smallest emirate with three sides surrounded by the territory of Sharjah, and on the south by the waters of the Persian Gulf.

It boasts luxurious white beaches, quiet and friendly atmosphere. Ajman Beach – where not so many tourists, .otsutstvuyut nightclubs on the coast.

Ras al-Khaimah

Beautiful scenery of the emirate of Ras al-Khaimah is washed by the waves of the Persian Gulf. Picturesque landscapes with Ice Land water park with an artificial waterfall and a football field are attractive to tourists.

Best holiday in Ras Al Khaimah – a beach holiday, which is characterized by a calm and warm waters than in other emirates of the Persian Gulf. Due to the mountains, there is always a bit warmer and more comfortable for a winter holiday in the United Arab Emirates. On the east coast to the mountainous regions of the wind moderates the climate in hot weather.

prices on vacation in Ras Al Khaimah can be very attractive. In addition, most hotels in the emirate offers integrated power system.

Al Mamzar Park, located in Deira. This beach park the second most popular. Coast has beautifully landscaped pool in the park. Here you can see the unusual wooden fortress. This beach is not allowed for men on Wednesdays.

Family Holidays in the UAE

UAE – a great place for a family holiday. Infrastructure is well developed, and the cleanliness of the beaches is monitored constantly. There are various amusement parks with many attractions. For lovers of active rest we offer an exciting program that will make an unforgettable holiday in the United Arab Emirates.

Most of the territory is desert with the Bedouin villages. Holidays with children in the UAE can be a unique combination of studying the traditional life in the desert and the ultra-modern cities.

Safaris can be on different modes of transport. You can perfectly have fun with the whole family skiing on sand dunes.

Contrast this world is a modern city with a lot of amusement parks and attractions. In Dubai, you can visit the world-famous Wild Wadi Water Park or go skiing in the Mall of the Emirates shopping center.

In Dubai is a children’s playground. It includes several exhibition halls, including marine life pavilions and astronautics. There is a planetarium, theater and many other attractions.

Here is the famous theme “wonders of the park.” He is considered one of the best places for families. With children, you can take a trip and visit the Dubai Zoo. It collected more than 1,500 animals from around the world. There is also a huge aquarium Lost Chambers, which will be interesting for children of all ages.

The youngest children will love playing in the sand on the famous Jumeirah Beach in the Gulf.

To spend a vacation with the child-teen may be in Abu Dhabi. This city is one of the most modern in the world.

More peaceful Abu Dhabi city with beautiful beaches and promenades. There are several amusement parks and attractions. Worth a visit, for example, rescue hospital falconry, Ferrari World, or the track in Formula 1 with a guided tour and a ride on the bus. Teens will certainly appreciate Abu Dhabi. In the city of beautiful fountains, palaces and modern skyscrapers,

interesting!  Has a unique park Ferrari World on Yas Island nearby.

Children’s holiday in Sharjah also appealing, mainly due to the Arabian zoo Wild Life. Here you can see panthers, baboons, flamingos, and so on. D.

In the Emirates, the dry subtropical climate. There is almost never rain. From May to September the unbearable heat. From May to September, it is not considered a good time to stay in this country. In summer the temperature in the shade rises to + 50 ° C. The positive side recreation from May to September – is lower prices for tours and warm sea.

All seven emirates gorgeous. Vacationers in the UAE can appreciate the splendor of this country.